Sanctuary Yoga

200hr Foundational Teacher Training


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Join us for the
Teacher Training Open House
Wednesday, July, 28th 2021  
6:00 - 7:30pm

Immerse yourself in the exploration of the human body, mind, and heart.

With great love and respect, Sanctuary Yoga Teacher Training offers a modern and holistic approach to the teaching and practice of yoga.

Learn to:


-  Confidently teach a yoga class that is safe, creative, knowledgeable, and fun!


-  Sequence classes and practices that include fluid movement, alignment, progression, restorative yoga and relaxation techniques.


-  Develop and celebrate your unique teaching style.


-  Read, discuss, and absorb yoga philosophy with deep respect for its Indian heritage and how it applies to modern daily life.


-  Have a lifelong relationship with the science and beauty of human movement beginning with your own body.


-  Learn intuitive ways to support yourself and your students progress.

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Yoga is the sum of many parts. Understanding how they work together will make both your practice and teaching stronger.


Small training groups allow for a stronger connection, and allow you to flourish by creating space and time for you to build your practice.


Ultimately, this is the foundation for a lifetime of yoga.