Yoga Teacher Training

is not just an education; its an experience!  

"One the most rewarding and lasting experiences of my life. Tremendously grateful to Melissa Montilla for sharing her rooted knowledge and love of yoga and the human body."      

- Danielle Azar


"Melissa Montilla created an enjoyable yet intense, very comprehensive learning experience of all aspects of Yoga - skillfully pacing the teaching units and building a supportive group spirit of teachers 

and students. I looked forward to each part of the course!"

- Maggie Kampney

"The true and priceless value of the course was how it changed me from the inside. Clarity of thought and calmness of spirit developed naturally from a deep inside place. It happened for all of us as I watched my fellow students take stock of relationships, diet, living arrangements, jobs and careers. Half way through I looked around and realized half of us had changed jobs or even taken on whole new careers more closely aligned with the true self.

What I learned about myself and the way I aligned my life around those new insights is what I am the most grateful for. 

I continue to take classes from the wonderful teachers at Yoga Sanctuary, grateful for the calm and peaceful environment that Melissa has created. I continue to reap the benefits of yoga as calmness and clarity continue to move into a central place in my life. Yes, I recommend the Yoga Teacher Training offered by Melissa and Yoga Sanctuary. A very worthwhile expenditure of time and money!"

-Susan Nelson


"I am so grateful to Melissa Montilla and her teacher training program. She is an extraordinary instructor and and her training provided me with a strong foundation that continues to inspire me to go deeper in my practice. It taught me to be more confident in myself and has given me the tools and resources needed to effectively teach and share my love for yoga with others. I highly recommend her training to anyone who wants to further their own home practice as well as those who wish to teach in a way that is accessible for all people and holistically nourishing for the body, mind, and spirit."

 - Audrey Jimenez