Let's stay Connected!!! How to get the most from online yoga.

A couple of weeks ago I strolled out onto the prairie further than I have been since before Irma, and it was glorious. There is nothing quite like it. A total immersion of the senses. I reminded me of how much I miss in person classes. Both are challenging and wonderful experiences for the body and soul.

I also noticed that the Prairie seemed different. There were flowers that I haven’t seen before and the animals were both abundant and relaxed. Even the ground felt softer. The time apart was not all bad, which is also how I am feeling about in person classes.

Right now, I know we are not ready for in person classes, and this online thing is working!!!

The donation classes are supporting friends who have lost income during this crisis. You are not only showing up for you, but for others as well. I want you to know how much I appreciate that effort. Online experiences can be more personal, connected, and satisfying. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make the experience more fulfilling.

1.     Turn off your image. When we see ourselves take class the self judgement can be distracting! It is also mentally exhausting to watch yourself take class. Tap the three dots at the top right corner of your screen and select "Hide Yourself." That way I can still see you. It would be weird to have mirrors in the studio, so turn this one off!

2.     Claim your household yoga props a few minutes before class. I send out the class log in about 45 minutes before we start. That email has any extra props listed, along with some great household substitutes. Always have a blanket on hand.

3.     Stop looking at the screen!!! Ok, at least stop when it requires you careening your neck around like a determined owl. Screens narrow our field of vision causing tension. Tension derails your relaxation response. I promise to tell you if you are way off or doing something dangerous. Otherwise, trust your senses!!!

4.    It's a class, so stop and ask a question when you need to. No one in the history of physical exertion has ever been sad for a short pause. We have a thoughtful community full of people interested in learning more, and I am interested in being a better teacher. Interaction is the magic sauce that makes everything better.

Thank you for signing up for the weekly classes. The Core Connection Series will be available to purchase for on demand viewing and downloading in a couple of weeks!!  

I would love to hear how these experiences are working for you. 

See you in class!!!