Groundwork Class Homework

This week’s 

Groundwork Class Homework ::


Isometric work can wake up the tissues, and this week is all about your cheeks.  

Variation 1 - Laying down on your back, press you heels down, and keep the center of your toes pointing toward the ceiling as you SQUEEZE your cheeks.  Instead of short squeezes, for for a long hold that continues to recruit more tissues.  Repeat 3 times.

Variation 2 - Shown in the video above is a modified Purvotanasana.  Set blocks on medium or high setting (shown on high), and place the middle of your lower legs on the top of the blocks.  Strap your lower legs about hip joint width apart.  Laying supine (on your back), bend the elbows to 90 degrees and press your upper arms into the floor as you dorsiflex your ankles.  To press up, press through your feet to plantar flex the ankles, hit out into the strap, and SQUEEZE your cheeks!  To lower, pull the toes back (dorsiflex the ankles) as you soften the hip joints to lower the pelvis.  You can add dynamic movement for the shoulders by bringing the arms over head.