Everyone could use a mid week block lunge...

Since we spend most of our work time, and even a bit of our playtime, rounded forward, its nice to take a moment and unfurl both figuratively and literally. I offer the humble block lunge as a way to begin unzipping your front and releasing your back. Yep, releasing your quads helps release tension from your hamstrings, and block lunges illustrate this beautifully.

With the back knee on the floor and the back toe tucked under (a blanket under the knee can be very sweet as well), place a block it's lowest setting then bend the front ankle to lunge forward. Your hands can be on the floor, on the wall, or on a chair depending on what feels most accessible. After each side, step back to down dog, or play with a wall dog to check in with how the backs of your legs feel. Sometimes there is a big difference side to side!

An alternative set up with two blocks makes the pressure more specific. Set a block on low, then another on high. I love to start with the block right above my patella and work up the leg. Hands can be on the floor, a chair or the wall to accommodate range of motion in the hips. After each side check in the hamstring magic!