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There is nothing weak about the human body, but we could all work on becoming more integrated. 


Core Connection: Therapeutic Yoga for Strength, Stability and Balance.


I’ve long banned the word, “weakness,’ from my teaching, because your body is inherently strong. There is nothing weak about your tissues! Sometimes they need to be reminded of how amazing they are.



I often refer to the "core" as being everything from the ankles to the armpits! Well, it's the truth. This series focuses specifically on the deep tissues that directly support your spine and hips, while (of course) never ignoring the ankles. Let's play with unraveling and rebuilding a solid and supple center.


Melissa's series classes are a wonderful opportunity to do a deep dive into a particular region of the body or way of being in motion or at rest. There is a tremendous amount of information and insight that can be gained and many times I have come away with one or more sets of exercises or approaches to movement that help me manage my existing issues with pain and injury and develop resilience and awareness to prevent further pain and injury.


                                          - John David

Melissa is an expert in her field with diversified experience in several styles of mind/body practice. Her teaching is personal, anatomy informed, and Wellness oriented.   As a student of her's for some years now, I can attest to the ever evolving practices which are grounded in traditional yoga asana. From there they are explored, tempered, and refined through the lens of modern movement science. Something more than Sun Salutations, but also Sun Salutations.


                                - J.P. 

Things are hard right now; really, truly hard, and rest seems unattainable.

The only way we are going to get a break is by giving ourselves permission to take one. That is hard to do as well, so I’ll do it for you.


You have permission to rest - fully, and deeply.


Release & Restore; Restful Yoga for Stress Release

This world needs you - 

well rested and ready.

The series includes:


Class 1: Find it and Release it!

Class 2: Get it Connected!

Class 3: Balance!

Plus 7 more bonus videos for mobility, strength and release 

 of the hips and low back.




Core Connection is for most levels and abilities. The classes build on each other, and you can work on each video at your own pace. They can be surprisingly challenging, but there are no redundant “reps” and they emphasize healthy range of motion - no yoga tricks here. Just to be sure you don’t get in over your head; you have two weeks to decide if you want to keep them or return them for a 100% refund.  



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Practice kindness toward yourself with release work, restorative yoga, and deep relaxation. This class is appropriate for all levels and abilities. Props are household items (pillows and blankets). You can do this in bed. I am not even kidding!

The Class Pack includes:


Two versions of a 90 minute restorative yoga practice sequenced for stress reduction and total body release.


one is quiet - with vocal instruction and silence


one has a background track of music composed for deep relaxation by Chris Collins, and Carmen Ng.


Two bonus videos:

Good Sleep Posture & Three Poses for Better Sleep


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