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Gong Bath with Kim Holton

Friday, October 21   /  6:00 - 7:00pm  /  $15



Come immerse yourself in the sounds of the gong!

Gongs have long been used for their healing energy,

as the complex sounds alter brain waves to promote deep relaxation.

We'll start with basic postures to prepare the body for stillness then move

into a half hour gong bath meditation while lying down —

a great opportunity to work on your savasana.




YogaLab with Nick Utley  is designed to workshop three of the most common sets of poses in a way that both builds on previous sections, but also stands alone as individual instruction. Students are encouraged to participate in the full set of three, but are able to drop in as needed to each session. Nick has drawn inspiration for this series from one of his great teachers, Janet Stone.



YogaLab: Stomach and Spine

November 5, 12:30-2:30pm  /  $25



Abdominal muscles play a role in almost every movement we make. They directly affect posture, digestion, respiration, standing, walking, and sitting. Our spinal column is the central axis of our skeletal system, and physical body. The muscles of the adnominal region both insert and originate along the spine.

Following the body’s lead we will explore the way the stomach and the spine work together to support vibrant health and sustainable well being. By alternating core work with creative twists we will create supported space for dynamic expansion. Approaching poses from the perspective of the core magnifies their healing effects and benefits. This lab is suitable for all levels of students.



YogaLab: Chest and Shoulders

December 3, 12:30-2:30pm  /  $25



Heart openers are one of the most common classes of pose in modern yoga. The shoulder girdle and the rib cage intertwine with each other creating a complex warp and weft of bone, muscle and other soft tissue. Stretching and strengthening this region of the body improves respiration, relieves tension, increases energy, and promotes compassion.

This workshop is designed with the breath in mind. Students will weave oxygen throughout their practice as we explore heart opening backbends, shoulder openers, and wrist/hand support. This lab is suitable for all levels of students.




Yoga Alignment for Counteracting Repetitive Motion and "Awkward Position"

with Susan Angenendt

November 13,   1:00 – 4:00 pm   /   $45




Do you engage in repetitive movements?  Must you sit or stand in an awkward position, maybe while holding a musical instrument, a tool, a paintbrush, a medical device? This workshop will focus on body alignment and support and will give you tools to achieve fluidity in movement and openness in breath.  

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Workshops offer students

the opportunity for an immersion in their practice or to try something new.

More time is allowed for a deeper level of instruction, and focus on particular aspects of practice and wellness.


Workshops are not necessarily harder than a typical yoga class. If you have questions about wether a workshop will benefit you please email us!



Sanctuary workshops offer students the chance to really enjoy the talents of our teachers, and benefit from the wisdom and experience of nationally and internationally acclaimed teachers.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart

is no education at all."


Upcoming Worshops and Special Events


Registration must be prepaid to secure your spot, but drop ins are welcome if space allows.  Client cancellations or "no shows" are non-refundable.  In the (incredibly rare) event that a workshop is cancelled, all registrations will be refunded.  

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Contact Improvisation & Movement Jam

Saturday, Nov. 5th   /   sugested donation $10 - $15

7:00 - 8:00 pm      Warm - up with Nina Lombardo

8:00 - 10:00 pm    Open Dance


Come move and dance and roll-around to

the soundscapes of Nicholas Caputo

(multi-intrumental sorcery) and

John David Eriksen (cello enchantment)

as we co-create a beautiful evening of

music and dance. In this space,

the musicians and the dancers move

and play together, creating a dialogue

between sound and movement that

guides us to the deepest, juiciest depths

of our sensory experience.


For those who are new to Contact

Improvisation or would like to come

sink in before the music begins, there will be a facilitated warm-up with Nina Lombardo from 7-8 pm. This will be a time for us to get associated with one another, loosen our skins, and learn some basic principles and techniques to introduce us to the form of Contact Improvisation.


This event is open to all bodies, no matter your level of experience with Contact Improvisation or movement capabilities. This is a place for us to move, to watch, to listen, and to explore. Whether you want to move solo or move with other bodies, whether you want to lie on the floor and soak in the music or dance your booty off... you are welcome!


A few guidelines:

- Be respectful of the dancers and musicians and keep personal conversations and small-talk outside the dance room. Non-verbal sounds and dialogue about safety and boundaries are welcome in the space.

- Take care of yourself. Listen to your needs. If you are thirsty, get a drink of water. If your safety in a dance is being compromised, speak up. If you want to leave a dance, leave. There is no need to explain your NO to anybody.

- Bring kneepads if you have them

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

                                            - Martha Graham