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At Sanctuary Yoga we believe in

the natural intelligence of the human body, mind, and heart.  

It is our work to create classes that support their innate capacity for healing;

for wellness.  Our teachers are experienced and educated in yoga, meditation, movement, human performance, therapeutics, and the beautiful art of living.Wellness is a process, and crafting a wellness practice is individual and instinctive. We all have the ability to access our personal best. Step back and look at the big picture and ask yourself, “How do I feel?” “What do I need to feel better / relaxed / attentive / stronger / energetic?”


We are dedicated to the practice of yoga

as a tool for building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through strength, flexibility, and body awareness, as well as satisfying the need for relaxation and stress reduction with compassion and joy.  

At Sanctuary, we encourage

the creation of

wellness from within.


Copyright Sanctuary Yoga, 2015                                                                                                  Ph:   352-336-5656                 530 N. Mainstreet, Gainesville, FL 32601

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10:00 to 11:15am / Gentle Flow / Melissa D

5:30 to 6:45pm / Yoga Practice /Melissa M/Level 1-2

7:00 to 8:30pm / Ashtanga Flow / Rachel / all levels



5:30 to 6:45pm / Ashtanga Yoga/ Sarah / all levels

7:00 to 8:15pm / Yoga Practice / Pishi / level 1-2



10:00 to 11:15am / Restorative Yoga / Melissa D

6:00 to 7:30pm / Yoga Practice / Melissa M / level 2



10:00 to 11:15am / Gentle Yoga / Kim / all levels

5:30 to 6:45pm / Yoga Practice / Brandi / level 1-2

7:00 to 8:15pm / Yin Yoga / Teresa / all levels              



8:30 to 9:30am  /  Free Community Meditation

5:30 to 7:00pm / Power Flow / Betsy / level 2-3



10:30 to 12:00pm / Jivamukti Yoga / Keri / level 2-3



10:30 to 12:00pm / Yin and Flow / Teresa / all levels

6:00 to 7:30pm / Yoga Practice / Danielle / level 1–2

summer schedule

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